Emotional Literacy  (recognizing emotions in themselves and others and how varying emotions promotes a sense of belonging or exclusion)--The Agents of Change selected an emotion to focus on such as joyous, infuriated, disgusting and understanding.  They created a character that encapsulated the emotion.  In their performance they are acting out the emotion in response to a situation that was age and developmentally appropriate such as not being included in a game at recess.  Their characters respond to the situation as they express their designated emotion.  The students completed different exercises to develop their work which culminated in an group performance for students' families and the school community.

"We can help each other understand our emotions and find a solution to make the world more peaceful."  --2nd grade student

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Students began with selecting an emotion and Illustrating a character that encapsulated the emotion 

Students participated in a variety of exercises exploring how emotions can dictate belonging or exclusion and how we react to situations

Students acted out their emotion in a performance for their families and the school community